sam. 12 oct. au mer. 23 oct.

in Essertfallon (JU) 12-23 october 2019

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Be part of a transformative dance and learning journey!

Join the international youth exchange project in Switzerland this autumn, and…

… be part of an amazing and unique bal folk community experience,
… be an active shaper and co-creator of one of the most exciting dance scenes of Europe,
… connect more deeply to yourself, to others and to the wider bal folk community through dancing, music and the co-creation of new projects!

During sustainaBAL you can…

  • intensively work on and deepen your dance skills,
  • be part of an amazing international dance community experience,
  • learn useful tools for community building and for creating a conscious dance culture of trust and transparent communication.

And last but not least:
… be part of co-creating the biggest and brightest BAL the Jura canton of Switzerland has ever seen – learn and test collaborative tools and cooperation in action by setting up an open event, where we invite people near and far!

Who can participate?
SustainaBAL Reloaded is an international youth exchange project supported by the Swiss Foundation Movetia through the interim solution for Erasmus+ for youth. We invite 20 young people between 17 and 30 and 4 group leaders of any age from: – Switzerland – The Netherlands – Italy – Germany – Latvia

The course is organized by the association “Les Coccinelles” and will be partly funded by the transitional solution for the Erasmus+ by the Swiss Confederation and the Movetia foundation.

Find out more and register here:

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  1. Local BAL FOLK event in Saignelégier
    Saturday 19th of October 2019
    from 20h00 in the Brasserie Franches Montagnes (BFM)

    - At 20:00 come and meet the SustainaBAL international crew in the legendary Brasserie des Franches Montagnes (BFM) where we will show some new traditional dances – At 20:30 there will be a BAL FOLK animated by our crew with the beautiful music of
    FIBONANSCHI – At 22:00 we will be delighted by the Irish Folk of OURRAGANG
    It’s open to all, no entry requested, just a lot of joy!

    Cecilia · oct. 5, 12:46 · #