Balfolk di Natale con i Lyradanz!

ven. 22 déc.

Special Christmas Bal in Ticino with magical Lyradanz!

Come celebrate the upcoming holidays with us :)
You will find great music, great company, vin brulè and panettone (a huge piece for free for whoever comes to the Bal dressed up in a christmasie way :) .. feel free to go crazy with santa hats, white beards and pom-poms!) and of course lots of dancing.



70 cords, 0 bellows, and so much energy!
Have you ever danced a mazurka on the melodious notes of a psaltery? Have you ever let yourself be overwhelmed in a bourree played by a harp?
If you have never experienced this mystical experience you must absolutely discover LyraDanz!

LyraDanz was born from the encounter of three musicians united by the passion for folk, and already affirmed in the Celtic, Trad and Dance music scene, who almost challenge the use of unusual instruments for the balfolk repertoire.
A harp like you would never have imagined it, which disengages from the connotation of melodic and dreamy instrument and shows a “mediterranean”, rhythmic and playful soul.
A psaltery, never contemplated in dance music and generally associated with ancient music, used here in a modern way and exploited to the limit of its melodic and virtuous potential.
A guitar that, ranging from manouche to rumba, from flamenco to jazz, becomes a driving force in experimentation.
A new, unpaved, fizzy project exploring the French dance repertoire, Occitan, Breton, Basque, enriched by original compositions.

Entry CHF 15.- ( reduced at 10.- for whoever travels more than 50 km to come to the bal :))

Friday, 22. December 2017, 20:00 – 23:00
Spazio ELLE, Piazza G. Pedrazzini 12, 6600 Locarno

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