Mazurka Eternelle: Livestream mit Fibonanschi

sam. 24 avril

Zum Reservieren des Datums — Details folgen :-)

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    Fibonanschi · avril 20, 23:49 · #

  2. We all love a romantic mazurka, finding into a deep connection to ourselves, to the music, and with each other…
    But what if the mazurka didn’t stop after 5 or 10 minutes? If it just kept going, carrying us further and further into the dreamy landscapes of our souls?
    Forget time and space while you dive deep into this dance, dare to experiment, take your time to find your rhythm, and express it in a beautiful flow.
    Please send me all your money (or at least what is the usual concert price in your area) to
    make a bank transfer to CH06 0900 0000 3072 1843 8
    (I don’t want to exclude people who have no money, but also my art isn’t for free to create.)

    Fibonanschi · avril 20, 23:51 · #